Sobre nós


A hidden garden on the way to Santiago

The Antas Guest House is located in Antas, Esposende, in a building built in 1860 by the Baron of Maracanã, after his return from Brazil.

The spectacular root architecture of this century-old building is characterized mostly by white walls, ancient stone and woods, where luminosity is always present.

The area occupied by the guest house was specially recovered, respecting to the maximum the architectural heritage, resulting in a simple and cozy environment. The layout is very particular, where a large patio communicates with all the different spaces, go along with a comfortable, warm and familiar environment in order for our guests to feel at home.

The vast garden of the guesthouse is a charming place for rest, reading, sunbathing or simply to contemplate nature.

Listening to music, watching TV, reading a book, taking a stroll, or just lounging in one of the common areas are some of the activities you can enjoy.

The rooms follow the orientation of the Way of Santiago Celeste, the Milky Way, on the date of the prophet’s birthday. Starting from the first room, the Sagitarius, and ending at the Perseus.

You can choose one of our cozy double rooms or one of our comfortable and spacious dorms to settle in.

The Antas Guest House is located on the Camino de Santiago, halfway between Esposende and Viana, and is an ideal place to renew your strength after a pilgrimage stage.

It is also strategically located to get to know the north of Portugal. Located in the Camino de Santiago, 50 meters from Road 13, reaching here is easy, being also very close to the access node to the A28 (IC1).



Antas Guest House offers the following amenities:

– Rooms, double rooms, family rooms, dormitory.

– Private bathrooms equipped with shower.

– Kitchen.

– Living room

– Wifi

– Laundry

– Esplanade

– Garden

– Bicycle Parking

– Various languages:

– Portuguese

– English

– Spanish

– French